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Instant Sales Letter Templates

Create a powerful, money-making sales letter - without writing

   sales letter software

One of the biggest obstacles facing any online business, large or small, is writing sales copy that works. It's one of the most difficult things to do and let's face it, not everyone is a naturally gifted writer.  

You know, maybe you’re sitting there writing hundreds of openings to your letter, but still feeling that you haven’t found the winner.

What do you do?

One good answer is to consult Instant Sales Letter where Yanik Silver has given you a lot of examples of openings that have been highly successful in real life.  Yanik Silver has a proven track record of writing powerful sales copy that compels people to buy.  He has now compiled a slew of terrific sales letter templates and all of the wording and phrases you will need to adapt his sales letter templates to your own needs.   You can now have all the killer sales letter templates, professional openings, bullet, copy-connectors, selling terms, guarantees, closes, and P.S. right at your fingertips.

For example, openings that have proven their worth in real life. Now you can take these openings (or whatever you’re looking for in your sales letter) from “Instant Sales Letters” and add them to your own sales letter. And if you adjust Yanik’s sales letter templates a bit, probably no one will ever notice that you’ve used his examples and sales letter templates.

Instant sales letters are a series of sales letter templates, I should say COMPLETE sales letter templates of KILLER sales letters. It doesn't matter what type of business you have, there is a category that will suit whatever product or service you are selling.

The sales letter templates are set up in a way that you can literally cut and paste them directly into your web page or sales letter, substituting your relevant words and phrases where the sales letter template instructs you to do so.

The sales letter templates are so good, that you could use them almost word for word and probably double your sales conversion ratio almost instantly.

But even if you chose to edit them and throw in some of your own wording, the sales letter templates are almost certain to change the way you approach writing sales copy. It takes literally about 5 minutes to create an absolutely KILLER sales letter, from scratch. So not only does it save you the headache of spending hours coming up with sales copy that in the end may not be what you were hoping, it does it right and fast.

The sales letter templates cover almost everything from MLM and network marketing to B2B, to service-oriented business. There are even sales letter templates that can be used for soliciting testimonials, attracting new ezine subscribers, and a LOT more. You name it and it's likely there, or at the very least, there is enough in at least a few of the sales letter templates to help you create a winning sales letter in just minutes.

The promise in Yanik’s sales letter for this package is that, by using it, you’ll be able to create your own sales letters for almost any imaginable offer. 

With this package, Yanik has also included several very valuable bonuses.

  • First of all, you get "Surefire Sales Letter Secrets", which is Yanik’s guide to Direct Mail profits. In this manual, Yanik shares how to succeed in Direct Mail by creating a hot offer, writing hot sales copy, choosing the right list of prospects, delivering your mail piece, testing it, maximizing your profits, etc. All in all, you get a comprehensive and complete introduction to Direct Mail profits through this fine fifty-page manual by Yanik Silver.

  • As a bonus section to "Surefire Sales Letter Secrets", Yanik has added a very good, though short, five page chapter on how to use endorsements and Joint Ventures to multiply your profits many times over.

  • Thirdly,  you get a lot of "Fill-in-the-blank Email Templates". You may choose to use them as they are, or not. But you should definitely be able to benefit from them and at least use parts of them in your e-mail correspondence. They’ll save you a lot of time.  

  • Yanik has also included two very helpful worksheets as bonuses to his “Instant Sales Letter”. These can be very helpful when you’re calculating the effectiveness of your sales campaigns.  

  • The fourth bonus is Yanik’s "Ultimate Sales Letter Tool Box" which is a huge collection of openings, bullets, selling words, phrases, copy-connectors, guarantees, closes and you should definitely be able to benefit from them and at least use parts of them in your e-mail correspondence. They’ll save you a lot of time.

  • As a final bonus, you also got Yanik’s reprint of an old, almost forgotten book, called “How To Write Letters That Win”.

And considering that Yanik only charges $39.97 (good at the time of this writing) I would strongly recommend you to invest in this package if you want to write order-pulling sales letters. Besides, Yanik has enclosed some fantastic bonuses along with this package.

Yanik could easily have charged $39.97 for each of these bonuses. 

If you hate writing sales letters, this is the product for you.  Believe me, this package is a steal! Go and get it now! You won’t regret it.  

Write to success,


P.S.: Save yourself $20,000 per year for the copywriter on your staff. With Instant sales letters, it will cost you a whole lot less. Yanik Silver has created a very, very valuable package that is worth much, much more than the $97 it costs at the time of this writing.

Click here no to create your own killer sales letter within 2 1/2 minutes